DashCam Photographed “White” Mysterious Figure Unexpectedly


According to the daily mirror reported, a Russian woman Karina was driving on a forest road in the middle of the night. Suddenly, she saw a woman wearing a wedding dress with a veil in front of the car, but when Karina got out to assess the situation, the woman disappeared. The DashCam recording this scene. And Karina insists she saw the “ghost” bride when getting the news that there was an accident before.


Afterwards, according to the description of local people, “ghost bride” should be the women who killed by the car accident in 1989. It’s said that a couple was driving through the road to a friend home to celebrate after the wedding, a car accident happened unexpectedly, the husband save a life, but his wife died. After the accident, strange things often happen on the road, and many people claimed to have seen the similar sight.


Recently, it happened a series of strange things in India, many drivers said they encountered ghosts at night and called reporters to research it.


One day, a DashCam got a shocking scene!

A man was driving a car, suddenly found a white figure with long black hair in front of the car, he was scared, slammed the brakes and suddenly back…


Suddenly, he looked up, the figure front him disappeared.

When he felt a slight relief, the figure appeared again, the driver too scared to keep his sanity, and hit the figure directly! It took a long time to get rid of ghost.


According to police, the ghost is two men played, tandem, especially at night, stopped the driver and fraud property!  There are even more ghost gangs, often frighten the driver…….


According to the statistics, these people totally fraud money more than 400000RMB.




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